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Meg’s Makings is a Contestant for the FedEx Small Business Grant!

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What would you do if you had $50, 000? Would you pay off your mortgage, your car loan, or student loan debt? Would you go on a vacation or even start the business you’ve been thinking about for a while? Whatever you’d choose to do, it would sure be nice to come into a large sum like that wouldn’t it?

As a small business owner, I completely understand! There are so many joys in owning my own business. One of my favorite things is that I get to be creative and share my creativity with many others! Using my hands to make new things or enhance old things is so rewarding! One big challenge, however, is overhead expenses. In any business, establishing yourself requires a lot of time and money. Many take out loans, and that’s okay, but no one can escape the necessity of investing in yourself.

That’s why opportunities like FedEx’s Small Business Grant is such a winner (pun intended)! With up to $50,000, I can just imagine the improvements I could make to better my business. New, necessary machinery and supplies, shipping and logistic solutions, better marketing and fun engagement for all of my customers.

To that effect, I need your help because along with other factors, a high number of public voting gets Meg’s Makings closer to winning the $50,000 FedEx is offering for their Small Business Grant Contest. The process is very simple. Click the link below and then click “Vote for this Business”. Plug in your name and email address and voila, you’re done! Voting is open until Sunday, March 8, 2020 and you’re allowed to vote once every 24 hours through then. Thank so much for your support, I hope to tell you all soon that I’ve won!